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Personal Shopper


Are you looking for a particular product but having trouble finding it, or just don't have the time to search for it? Then with over fourteen years of experience in the luxury pet accessory sector, we are confident we can find the product (s) for you 

This  is how our service works:

  1. Simply send  an email to us at

  2. Please provide full details of the item(s) you are looking for with your name and contact details. If it is required by a certain date please specify.  

  3. We will search globally for the product and if we are successful in locating the item(s) we will advise you by email of the price and estimated delivery time. We will advise you if there is more than one option available.

  4. Our search fee is 15% of the retail product price.

  5. If you confirm you would like to purchase the product(s)  we will then request payment before placing the order.

  6. We will send you an invoice and on receipt of payment we will then place the order.

  7. We will confirm by email that the order has been placed and the estimated delivery time of the product(s)

  8. Delivery times will depend on the product(s) location.

  9. Should the supplier/manufacturer fail to supply the product within an acceptable time period of. 28 days, unless the product is being made to order and the delivery time  has been specified beforehand, then full payment will be refunded to the purchaser.

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